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It all began with pizza...

WAV started out as a group of photographers meeting up to edit photos. Cramped up in a tiny apartment in Toronto, photographers would work on their photosets and enjoy the company of other like minded individuals. We all were new and very passionate about our work.

Soon enough we began growing as photographers and pushing each other to reach our full potential. On our own we were photographers that were shooting and finding our places in this industry but together we had a purpose, a sense of direction and support. It wasn't before long that we began pushing ourselves to work with some of the best modelling agencies in Toronto. We kept refine our work, collaborated on a few projects, and continued to edit over pizza.

WAV is built on the notion that the slightest action can have incredible effects. And we strive to produce phenomenal work, constantly pushing ourselves beyond our limits. We hope to bring that culture to you as we work with you to create visuals for your brand, company, or agency.